January 26, 2015

Truck Accident

An Accident with a Truck Can Be Serious and the Laws can be Hard to Understand

If you’re in a truck accident the outcome can be devastating

Because of the sheer weight of a tractor trailer truck it takes much longer for it to stop, it is slower to avoid a danger, and when it crashes it can cause more harm than anything else on the road. The driver of a tractor trailer is held to a higher standard than an average automobile driver must follow.

The laws regarding passenger vehicle accidents and accidents involving trucks are very different. THere are a myriad of laws pertaining to truck accidents that your attorney will need to understand. You need an experienced attorney. Mark Joye, is on the board of The National Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking of America and he knows these laws inside and out. Please call now (888)324-3200 or fill out the Free Consultation Form here on our site. Thank you.

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