February 1, 2015

March 18, 2012 Accident on Folly Road Leaves Joshua Miller, 33, and James Minschew, 73 Dead and Six People Injured

Photo by Dave Munday Post and Courier

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On Sunday, March 18th at around 1:05 p.m., a serious automobile collision occurred near the intersection of Folly Road and Bowens Island Road.  The wreck involved four cars and closed the only road leading to Folly Beach for three hours.  Joshua Miller, 33, of Folly Beach died at the scene of the accident and James Minschew, 73, also of Folly Beach died on the way to the hospital.  Six other people, including children, were sent to local hospitals.  Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the accident.

Folly Road March 18th Accident in South Carolina leaves 6 injured and Joshua Miller, 33, and James Minschew, 73 dead

The accident caused major traffic stalls throughout the island, slowing traffic for two miles along the side roads leading to Center Street.  With nowhere to go, many drivers simply parked their cars and went to a nearby restaurant or bar on the island and waited for the traffic to begin moving.  According to the Post & Courier, “Jerry Pierce, a lifetime resident who operates a peanut stand on East Ashley Avenue, said of the traffic snarl: ‘I’ve lived here 51 years and never seen it like this.’ It didn’t take long for people to realize what was going on, pull their cars over and get out to make the best of the situation, he said. Many of them made their way to The Grill on the Edge on Center Street. ‘It filled up my restaurant,’ owner Jody Hawkins said. ‘They had nowhere to go, and we have this great patio. The hardest part was the guests that had eaten wouldn’t leave, because they had nowhere to go.’”

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